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Cycle Classes

You love to Cycle? We love to cycle too. Join us for a fun, engaging cycling class with our professional instructors. You’ll have your choice of classes to reach your fitness goals. Scroll down to pick your class. Ride to a new you.

Our Classes

Cycle Class Descriptions

RealRyder Sunrise Express 45 minute

Attention early risers! Jump start your day in our signature RealRyder class jammed packed into a fast-paced workout. Start your day early with our rockstar Cycleologists.

RealRyder Higher Love Express 45 minutes

RealRyder Higher Love Express (45 minutes)
Looking for a rhythmic ryde that engages your entire body? This is your class! Let the music move you as our rockstar Ryder instructors push you outside your comfort zone. Ryde to the beat with intervals, push-ups, crunches, and an arm workout with weights. You’ll leave this cycle class feeling elated, exhausted, and ready to come back for more! Ready to be transformed inside and out?

RealRyder Power Cycle

Looking for a full-body indoor cycling class? Whip your body into shape with our interval training on the RealRyder bike. You’ll tone your body, strengthen your core and upper body while hitting intervals. Join our RealRyder Power Cycle class.


You’ll get stronger, boost coordination, and work your core in our specially designed total body cycling class. You’ll push through intervals and use weights to sculpt your body. Ready for a class that challenges all skill levels? Register now and get ready to ryde!

RealRyder Rhythm Ryde

Find your flow and challenge yourself with intervals and intense drills designed specifically to work with the highs and lows in the music. Push your limited through energetic, inspirational, and results oriented music. Ready for the ride of your life?

Teachers Time out

School’s out! Stress relief, here we come. Burn off the crazy of the day in our Teacher’s time out class. You’ve been in front of class all day, let our instructors handle the details and you just enjoy the ryde.

Signature Cycle

Join our rockstar cycleologists for this signature full body indoor cycling class. This class features interval training on our Realryder bike which incorporates the use of your own body in a side to side movement to tone and strengthen your core and upper body to maximize your workout during this 50 minute calorie torching class.

Labor Day Ride

Labor Day Ride (90 minutes)
Ready for a fun filled, up and down ryde? Join Joe’s Labor Day Ryde! You’ll have a great time while pushing your own limits.