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Group Classes

You need something more than the same old workout to stay motivated. You’ll be surrounded and encouraged other like-minded friends in our group fitness classes. Read more below.

Our Classes

Group Fitness Classes
Where Friends Gather to Get Fit!


TRX Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.You can expect to work every major muscle group during the 30 minute session.

TRX Kettlebell

An intense and effective 45 minutes of TRX and kettlebell combo. … This circuit-style, moves quickly from one set of Kettlebells to TRX A powerful combination of Iron Circuit Conditioning


The TRX Training session will burn fat during and long after it’s over, It is a great workout for all fitness levels. Build muscle strength and burn calories by challenging your body in a way it has never been challenged.   You can expect to work every major muscle group during the 45 minute session. Develop good core strength and stability to enhance your performance, prevent against injuries and improve agility.


Join our Master Trainer Vicky for a 30 minute floor work class using the step, weights, bands, balls. Equipment being used will vary from class to class. Open to all levels of fitness. Perfect combination with cycling

Body Sculpt Express

This 30 minute express class is core exercises that help to improve strength, stability and coordination while increasing endurance and sculpting your body. A challenging class for all skill levels.
his class will help you change your body and improve your strength. Add it to your exercise routine and watch the results appear.


Join Master Trainer Laura for an intense cardio workout done at the ballet barre formatted to be a heart pumping good time that will help you take your fitness to the next level. This workout is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength while helping you to tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles from head to toe.


Give us 60 minutes and we’ll give you a killer total body workout! 30 minutes on the REALRYDER followed by 30 minutes of strength training!

Pilates Boot Camp

Have you ever thought Pilates is too easy of a workout? Think again! You’ll torch serious calories while working up a sweat like never before. And because Pilates promotes a strong mind-body connection, it’s perfect if you enjoy yoga but want to change up your core exercises. You won’t find a better mix than Pilates and RealRyder cycling to give you the body you’ve always wanted!!

Pilates Springboard

You’ll get an invigorating full body workout with resistance springs to boost your strength in our Pilates springboard class. It’s the ultimate in resistance training, toning, and stretching.

Cardio Boxing HIIT

A seriously sweaty 50 minute workout concentrating on your core, arms and back!